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Product Category Double-sided, multi-layer circuit boards (2-30 layers), high-frequency circuit boards, etc.
monthly output 15000-25000 square meters/month
Plant area 15000 square meters
number of employees 300
Substrate Epoxy copper-clad glass cloth board FR4
dedicated high-frequency board substrate-American Rogers, Arlon and other brands
Solder mask Liquid Photosensitive Solder Resist Ink
surface treatment Hot air leveling (HASL, Lead Free HASL)
full board gold-plated
electroplated gold finger
chemical immersion nickel gold
chemical immersion tin
anti-oxidation treatment
serial number project Process capability (unit: mm)
1 Minimum plate thickness 0.2
2 V-CUT minimum plate thickness 0.4
3 Mechanical V-CUT size range 80-380
4 Minimum line width/space (0.5oz) 0.08/0.08
5 Minimum Line Width/Space (1 oz) 0.10/0.10
6 Conventional processing copper thickness H OZ-6 OZ
7 Grid minimum line width/line spacing 0.2/0.2
8 Minimum distance between copper foil and outline (including mounting holes and NPTH) 0.2
9 Minimum spacing from inner layer hole to non-connected copper skin 0.15MM (four layers)
0.18MM (six layers)
0.20MM (eight layers)
0.23MM (ten floors and above)
10 Inner welding ring ≥0.12 (four layers and above)
11 Minimum plate thickness 0.2MM (double-sided)
0.4MM (four layers)
0.6MM (six layers)
0.8MM (eight layers)
1.0MM (ten floors and above)
12 Multi-layer board processing layers 1-30 floors
13 The minimum distance between the ground copper skin and the conductor 0.1
14 Minimum Metallized Slot 0.45
15 Smallest non-metallized computer milled hole 0.8
16 Minimum drilling 0.2
17 Hole copper thickness 0.018-0.035
18 Metallized Hole Diameter Tolerance ±0.075MM
19 Non-metallized hole diameter tolerance ±0.05MM
20 Outer (or double-sided) plug-in hole welding ring ≥0.18
twenty one The outer layer (or double-sided board) via welding ring 0.1
twenty two Minimal Green Oil Bridge 0.1
twenty three Minimum character height and character line thickness 0.8/0.15mm
twenty four Minimum insulation resistance 1x10^12Ω (Normal)
25 Peel strength ≤1.1N/mm
26 On-off test voltage 50-300V
27 plate song ≤0.075%
28 Hole tolerance ±0.05MM
29 Dimension tolerance ±0.13MM
30 Maximum processing area 400x600
31 Impedance control ±10%OHM
32 plate hole 0.15
33 carbon oil special resistance
34 blue glue
35 Immersion Gold+OSP Pad Immersion Gold BGA for OSP
36 half hole metal edging Minimum finished hole diameter 0.5mm
37 countersink stepped hole ±0.2MM