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Six layer gold plate (blind buried resin plug hole)

Six-layer immersion gold board (blind buried resin plug hole


HDI blind buried orifice plate

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Equipped with complete equipment, it has its own multilayer board pressing, surface treatment tin spraying line and other equipment, with an annual design production capacity of 10-180000 square meters. The products are mainly used in high-tech fields such as computers, communication equipment, industrial control, instrumentation and automobile control systems. Has obtained the United States UL,RoHS,ISO certification, product quality all the implementation of the United States IPC-A-600 standards. In terms of service, the company has established a complete set of tracking service mechanism for customers. A rapid response mechanism for orders has been established. Emergency orders are clearly marked, placed in different areas and followed up by special personnel to ensure that orders are always under effective control from receipt to shipment and to ensure punctual delivery.

Six-layer immersion gold board (blind buried resin plug hole


Six-layer immersion gold board (blind buried resin plug hole