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Roeder and Schwaz were invited to participate in 2016 APAC IIA Conference to show their advanced PCB testing solutions

Release time:2023-02-22 17:06

INTEL held the 2016 APACIIA Seminar in Shenzhen. Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) was invited to participate in this conference and demonstrated its Delta-L+ based PCB testing solution. This APACIIA (APACInterconnectIndustryAssociation) conference discusses the method and verification of electrical characteristics of printed circuit boards (such as transmission line loss). The participants are mainly from PCB manufacturers, material manufacturers, instrument manufacturers and end users.

According to the needs of the PCB industry, INTEL accelerates the development of a systematic implementation process to meet the needs of PCB design and verification at different stages for reference in the industry. In this meeting, INTEL introduced the recent progress of Delta-L+ and other technical methods to help PCB manufacturers, material manufacturers and instrument manufacturers better understand INTEL's roadmap for printed circuit board electrical requirements and electrical characteristic verification methods, and have the ability to carry out transmission line The ability to measure and analyze characteristics, which is critical for accurate testing and modeling of PCBs.

According to INTEL's PCB testing methods and specifications, R&S, together with Packetmicro and MST, jointly developed a set of PCB characteristic testing solutions. This solution is based on R&S's ZNB vector network analyzer, embedded with MST's EMStar test analysis Software, combined with PacketMicro's high-performance and high-reliability probes, and finally using the Delta-L+ algorithm, can accurately test the transmission line loss and related parameters of the PCB. This solution is accurate, fast and convenient, and not only meets the latest PCB testing standards of INTEL, It also meets the electrical characteristic test for general PCB.

This event is the first time for R&S to demonstrate its leading PCB testing overall solution, which supports high-speed PCB probe testing up to 20GHz and higher-frequency coaxial testing, and can well serve the testing and verification work of the entire PCB industry . The program also received wide attention from the participants. The participants had in-depth exchanges and communication with R&S technical experts, and the responses were enthusiastic.

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