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According to the data from the China Chemical and Physical Power Supply Industry Association, the prices of lithium battery raw materials such as copper foil and electrolyte have risen significantly recently, and some products have increased by 55%. At present, the price increase effect of copper foil has been transmitted to the copper clad laminate and printed circuit board (PCB) links in turn.

"After all the landing enterprises are put into production, the annual PCB output of Huangshi Economic and Technological Development Zone will reach 20.49 million square meters, with an output value of more than 30 billion yuan."

ITRI ​​and Taiwan Printed Circuit Board Association (TPCA) launched the drafting and promotion of "Taiwan PCB Equipment Communication Protocol". At the initial stage, a consensus has been reached with the industry.

From the beginning of 2016 to September 30, all A-shares fell by 12.84% (the weighted average method of circulating market value, the same below), the small and medium-sized board fell by 14.24%, and the GEM fell by 17.26%. All industries except food and beverages fell.

The 17th Taiwan Circuit Board International Exhibition (TPCAShow2016) will be held on October 26. This year, TPCAShow will present the achievements of Taiwan's circuit board industry through the three major aspects of smart manufacturing, green innovation and knowledge education.

The 17th Taiwan Circuit Board International Exhibition (TPCAShow2016) will be exhibited at the Nangang Exhibition Hall on the 26th for three days. This year, there are more than 400 exhibitors and 1,400 booths.

With the rapid development of mobile phones, electronics, and communication industries, it also promotes the continuous growth and rapid growth of the PCB circuit board industry

A PCB listed company announced that it signed a "Strategic Cooperation Agreement" with an upstream electrolytic copper foil supplier, agreeing to establish a long-term strategic cooperative relationship and become important partners of each other.

INTEL held the 2016 APACIIA Seminar in Shenzhen. Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) was invited to participate in this conference and demonstrated its Delta-L+ based PCB testing solution.

New Year's Day (New Year's Day, New Year) is the first day of the year, also known as "New Year" and "Gregorian Year". New Year's Day is also known as "three yuan", that is, the yuan of age, the yuan of month, and the yuan of time.

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